Water treatment for housing and municipal services

The basic normative document describing the quality of the water used in the area of housing, in accordance with which meet the following basic requirements for water quality. Construction of water purification systems and water treatment to achieve the required performance indicators may vary considerably depending on the source of both water (underground Springs, surface water sources, water from the municipal water supply network), and depending on the source data, obtained during the research of water quality.

As a rule, in the preparation of water for domestic uses and consumption of drinking water quality standards has to solve the following tasks:
improving the organoleptic indicators, namely, the reduction of color, turbidity, odor removal and General lightening;
adjust mineral composition-water demineralization or partial demineralization;
reducing water hardness and its alkalinity;
removal of excess iron and manganese;
removal of Organics and adjustment of permanganate oxidation;
water purification from heavy metals salts;
removal of radon and other radiological constituents;
correction treatment of water (pH adjustment);
oxygen saturation of water and adjust the REDOX-potential.

When designing water supply systems have been successfully applied the following technological approaches:

treatment of water, sodium and calcium hypochlorite
softening based on sodium,
reverse osmosis for softening and demineralization,
pressure and water aeration,
ultraviolet water disinfection treatment.

Design of water purification systems and water treatment needs of UTILITIES can differ significantly by combining different approaches and technologies. Most often we use the following equipment of own manufacture in different combinations:

Installing ozonation AZOx ozone water treatment ozonation technology;
Automatic complexes proportional dosing PULSE series to enter and hypochlorite chloramines;
pressure filters-iron based on aluminosilicate sorbent “sorbent-type AL and active downloads type MGS, BIRM, etc.;
pressure filter-clarifiers on the basis of quartz sands and weekly sorbent-type au, Sorbent-MS and sorbent-MSK “;
pressure filters-softeners based on cation-and anion exchange resins, combined weekly;
Sorption pressure filters based on activated carbons;
Automatic membrane plant new generation series “iceberg”, with significantly greater resource membrane elements in comparison with the standard reverse osmosis units;
installing the ULTRA series ultrafiltration hollow fibre membrane ultrafiltration modules marks FILMTEC (United States), INGE (Germany) and HORIMEM (China).

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