Water treatment for petrochemical and refinery

Water treatment for petrochemical and refinery Water is used in almost all chemical processes for a variety of purposes. On individual chemical plants water consumption reaches dozens or even thousands of cubic metres per day.
The quality of the water supplied to the technological needs of the petrochemical industry has a significant impact on the quality of products and service life of production equipment.

One of the most important aspects of water treatment, water purification, and more specifically in the oil and mining industry is cleaning the reservoir waters.

Water to petrochemical production plants used in cooling and condensation of various products of distillation, preparation of various solutions for carrying out chemical reactions in plants for production of steam required parameters, and so forth. Each of these processes requires careful and competent technological solutions, as well as the application of modern and reliable equipment for water purification.

In the vast majority of cases, water in petrochemistry is used:
1. For technological purposes as:
preparation of solutions, and COOLANT emulsions;
systems of cooling equipment and products;
preparation of make-up water for cooling towers and boilers, steam generators, etc.;
feed water for mud-salt cooking hosts of aqueous solutions with a density of 1.18 and 1.38 to NaClKCl used to repair wells;

2. Both heat (in the form of hot water and steam) and refrigerant for heating and cooling equipment.
3. As a raw material and for the production of various chemical reagent products (eg, hydrogen, acetylene, sulfuric and nitric acids, etc.)

Given the vastness of the industry and a huge number of applications of water in plants, in General, can be divided into several basic types of prepared water:
drinking water quality;
deeply distilled water with a salt content of not more than 10 mg/litre;
prepared water for steam systems.

When designing of water treatment systems chemical plants are successfully applied the following technological approaches:
softening based on sodium,
reverse osmosis for softening and demineralization,
ultraviolet water disinfection treatment.

Most often we use the following equipment of own manufacture in different combinations:
Installing ozonation AZOx ozone water treatment ozonation technology;
pressure filters-iron based on aluminosilicate sorbent “sorbent-type AL and active downloads type MGS, BIRM, etc.;
pressure filters-clarifier on the basis of quartz sands and weekly “type Sorbent-au, Sorbent-MS and sorbent-MSK”;
pressure filters-softeners based on cation-and anion exchange resins, combined weekly;
Sorption pressure filters based on activated carbons;
Automatic membrane plant new generation series “iceberg”, with significantly greater resource membrane elements in comparison with the standard reverse osmosis units.

water treatment for petrochemical, OIL REFINERY and oil companies, allowing them to provide high quality water in almost any conditions.

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