Water treatment for production of bakery and confectionery products

Preparation of water for the production of bakery products

The basic ingredients for making bakery products and confectionery-water and flour, wheat or rye. Additional materials: sugar, salt, yeast, fats, additives and fillers. For the manufacture of bread flour use soft wheat grain.

Water requirements included in the test set out, governing the chemical properties of drinking water, the process of verifying its quality. A typical water treatment technology can consist of the following stages: filtration using appliances, iron, remove salt particles increase the stiffness, treatment with ultraviolet light.

Block diagram of the water purification system depends on its source (underground or surface, central water supply) as well as the results of her research. After studying these characteristics is determined by the combination of the technologies that will be applied in a specific case.

The main tasks to be addressed in the preparation of water for baking confectionery and bakery products, as well as measures to bring the raw materials to the standards of the sanitary code:

optimization of organoleptic parameters: clarification, removal of turbidity and odor, reduced color intensity;
adjustment of mineral composition: water mineralization, partial or total;
reduction of hardness and alkalinity;
reduction of the concentration in the water content of manganese and iron;
the destruction of bacteria and germs;
purification of organic additives and correction of permanganate oxidation;
the excretion of salt compounds of heavy metals;
removal of radon and other chemical elements, nuclear radiation activity;
bringing the level of acid-base balance to normal.
For water treatment we use such technology:
impact on water calcium and sodium hypochlorite;
method of use of catalytic iron fillings;
mitigating sodium;
the use of ultrafiltration;
demineralization reverse osmosis method, mitigation;
enrichment of water with oxygen (pressure);
UV treatment for its decontamination.

When preparing water for bakery production, as well as for baking cakes in industrial scale may use different combination of modern technologies and equipment. These devices are most often used:

ozonizers AZOx;
automated dosing systems PULSE type to add to the water and hypochlorite chloramines;
pressure filters for removing iron from the water, which is based on “Sorbent-AC” and active downloads type MGS, BIRM, as well as other;
pressure filtering device for clarification of water, consisting of quartz sand and fillers of several types: “Sorbent-MS”, “Sorbent-MSK”, “Sorbent-AC”;
mitigating pressure filters, consisting of cationic and anionic exchange resins;
pressure filters with activated carbon for adsorption;

«aisberg» equipment operating in automatic mode, the cell membrane which have a longer resource in comparisons with the previous equipment reverse osmosis;
ULTRA series equipped with fibre membrane modules for ultrafiltration of INGE (Germany), FILMTEC (United States) and HORIMEM (China). Requirements for generalized parameters and content of harmful chemical substances, most often found in natural waters in the territory, as well as substances of anthropogenic origin have received global spread.

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