Water treatment for the chemical industry

Water treatment for the chemical industry Any chemical products production needs water. For some enterprises, water reaches massive amounts. Large production consume thousands of cubic meters. m per day. Most often, water is used to dissolve substances of varying consistencies: solids, liquids and gases. It also needed to ensure mechanical and physical processes: movement of solid particles, flotation and other. Water is used as rinsing liquid absorbent or solvent diverse substances.

Water is the most affordable tool if you need to heat or cooling substance. It is used for cooling or heating. Water is often included in chemical products (acetylene, hydrogen, acids and other compounds).
Water needs in virtually all spheres of human activity. Therefore there are several varieties of prepared fluids:

drinking water;
water, contains little or none of the minerals (the maintenance of salts does not exceed 10 mg/litre);
deionized water, resistance which should not be more than 18 Mohm * cm;
ultrapure water resistivity its equal to 0.5 -18 Mohm * cm;
for steam systems;
softened water, the hardness of which not exceeding 0.5 Mmol.
To clean and prepare the water for chemical industry such methods and technologies:

oxygen enrichment;
mitigation using sodium;
reverse osmosis, which facilitates water softening and eliminate from it the minerals;
reverse osmosis with a high level of selection, consisting of two phases, after such processing is achieved by content in minerals is less than 3 mg/litre;

treatment with ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and microbes.
The above technologies are carried out using special equipment, manufactured by our company. We can offer you:
AZOx device;
pressure filters to reduce the concentration of iron in the water, which is based on the application sorbents “Sorbent-AC” and active fillers type MGS, BIRM;

pressure filters for clarification of water, the principle of which is based on the properties of quartz sand and fillers “Sorbent” of different types: “SorbentAS”, “SorbentMSK”, “SorbentMS”;
pressure softening filters, working through cation and resins and fillers combined;
pressure filters that provide sorption, for water purification is used activated carbon;
uses IONPure or similar parts;
diaphragm «iceberg» type equipment with advanced membrane elements operating mode-automatic, the duration of the service life is much higher than previously produced reverse osmosis devices.

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