Weather may control headache migraine

Weather may control headache migraine

It seems that the weather has been accused of inciting spells headaches, according to a new study recently published. it was up about 66 people suffering from headache chronic, sister logged umiathm for one full year, showing that more than half have hyper sensitive to change of temperature.

Researchers have found that the temperature was the reason most of the time, especially in cold days than on hot days.
Researcher Xu Wang, Gwen Veterans Hospital in Taiwan, said that “the study provided evidence of the link between the extent to which heat sensitivity and the occurrence of a headache.”
It was common for a mild headache severe weather instigates more severe headaches. Seven Tips To Fight Warm Weather Migraine

The figures indicate that about 36 million Americans suffering from chronic migraine headaches, including 6 million suffer from severe headaches almost twice a month, and be accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sound.

Weather may control headache migraine

The instigator list includes: food, hormonal changes, mental stress, bright lights, sounds, smells, changes in sleep pattern, physical fatigue, and medicines.

Weather is one of the top five instigator of this headache, as the Dr. Shannon babinio, specialist in headache of the Mount Sinai School of medicine in New York: “induced may be changing the weather, rising and falling air pressure, rain, or Sun … Of course, not be your ability to control rain and time, but you can avoid sun exposure if a temperature rise instigated a pain to the patient, with the need to drink plenty of water. ”

And be aware that the instigator may help start a pain but it is not the main cause of the disease, taking into account the fact that some patients may not be affected by any instigator, while others may be susceptible to more than one of them.

Tips from doctors to patients to prevent seizures is get some good sleep, eating three meals a day, and drink enough water.

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