What animals go into hibernation

Hibernation is both winter and summer. In winter, many animals have difficult or no access to the feed, so they are forced to run into hibernation to endure until spring. Animals flowing into hibernation, slow breathing, they have reduced body temperature and pulse. During hibernation animals slow down all life processes. Before you go to sleep, animals eat hard to accumulate enough energy at a time of hibernation.

Run into hibernation the following animals:

Australian Echidna
the Chipmunks
Jerzy ordinary
Caprimulgus belogorlye
dwarf lemurs
opossums Chilean
Some animal hibernation literally goes into sleep, for example, the brown bears. During the winter of sleep the body temperature decreases by bear 5-6 degrees. Off the bat, there is also a daily hibernation, when the animal reduces daytime rhythm of life processes to the afternoon wake up from hibernation for a fulfilling life.

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