What are the types of translations

Translations are a fairly popular area. All translations are divided into two major groups: written and oral. Each of these types can be divided into subtypes ad, The oldest kind of translation is written, it is actually the interpretation of a text into another language. Number of specialists in this area is constantly growing. This type of translation allows you to work freely, with the exception of tasks on translation of large volumes of text within a short period of time. Most professionals here are considered translators of classical literature and art works. A challenge can be translated from audio or video recordings-a laborious and lengthy process that requires attention, skill and knowledge of vocabulary.

There are two types of interpretation-consecutive and simultaneous. In the consecutive translation of the speeches made in the time period between the sound and the following fragment. Usually this type of translation is used at conferences, negotiations, reports. Consecutive interpreting is divided into single-sided and double-sided, regardless of whether you want to translate in one direction only, or for the various participants in the dialogue. Interpretation services are the specialists of the company.

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The most intense kind of translation for this area-simultaneous translation, when almost simultaneously by the utterance of speech and its interpretation. Conference interpreter-translator must not only perfectly know the language, its dialects, pace of speech, and also to be able to highlight the main speech.

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  • What are the types of translations

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