What is penis Erection,Size,Micropenis,Diseases of the penis

It is the male genital organ of copulation and expel urine. Currently the most common to refer to this body synonym is phallus, although her numerous synonyms, many of them offensive.

Structure of the penis

The human penis begins on the inside of the body and is composed of muscles, tissues, arteries, veins, spongy bodies, corpus cavernosum and nerves. Their visible parts are formed by base, trunk, Crown and Glans.

The trunk contains three columns of erectile tissue: two corpora cavernosum and a spongy body. The first are side by side at the top of the penis, while the latter is located at the bottom.

spongy bodies are composed of an elastic fibrous tissue that can be enlarged up to four times above its normal state during an erection.


The corpus is located in the middle of the cavernous and inside is the urethra, consisting of a few lines which pass through the urine and semen. The urethra passes through the spongy body up to a hole in the end of the glans.

The Glans is the final part of the penis of pink or reddish color that in the majority of cases usually have thicker than the rest of the penis. This area is extremely sensitive and constitutes the end of the corpus. The Glans is covered by a loose skin, foreskin, that can be removed to expose the Glans or removed by circumcision. The foreskin is subject on the penis due to the bridle.


When arousal occurs, the internal tissue consisting of the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum increases in size since this tissue is filled with blood. As a result, the penis hardens and passes a flaccid state to erect one. This State can also be achieved without any psychological or tactile stimulation.

Erection enables sexual intercourse from occurring, it is not essential for other sexual activities. In some men the erection does not occur in these cases speak of erectile dysfunction. The causes of dysfunction are varied and may be due to Psychosomatic problems or occur as a consequence of vascular disease, among other causes.


Occurs when the man reaches orgasm. This can be triggered as a result of intercourse, masturbation, or by the practice of oral sex. Ejaculation occurs several rhythmic contractions that facilitate the output of semen with force.

If the male practice Tantric Sex, you can reach orgasm without causing the ejaculation.


The human penis can present a variety of sizes. This measure varies depending on the whether the penis is erect or flaccid. However, there is no conclusive scientific studies that establish a standard according to races, or that prove conclusively the relationship between penis size and ethnicity.

To date all the correlative studies have been conducted on the subject have been rejected by the scientific community because they consider that methodological rigour lack and details are not verifiable.


Micropenis to an erect penis of an adult in which its length, measured from the pubic bone to the tip of the Glans with the retracted foreskin, is less than seven centimeters is called. The micropenis do not cause urological problems, or prevent sexual relations are carried out satisfactorily. However, yes you can result in male psychological problems and cause the individual to insulate is low self-esteem and frustration.

Diseases of the penis

There are some problems in the penis which can cause the man to have pain and functioning sexual organ and fertility will be affected. The most common diseases of the penis are:

Erectile dysfunction: inability to achieve or maintain an erection.
Priapism: painful and permanent erection.
Peyronie’s disease: curvature in the penis during erection due to a hard mass called plaque.
Balanitis: inflammation of the skin covering the glans. This condition occurs most frequently in children and in men who have not been circumcised.
Cancer penis: Although this cancer is less common has a high cure rate if caught early.

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