what is the best snoring solution

Snoring is the throbbing or sawing sound that comes from your throat during sleep. This sound is sometimes so loud that you wake up from, but usually have partners, roommates or the neighbors there most affected.

The snoring sound occurs because if you is your palate and the rear end of your tongue each other almost hitting. As a result, your airway narrower. By your breathing is the tissue behind in your mouth vibrate causing the snoring sound. Snoring is an anatomical problem. People with a short wide neck are most at risk to snore because muscles around the trachea during sleep the body fat is not adequate for support. Furthermore, slack tongue muscles, lots of throat tissue (large almonds) or cause a stuffy nose snoring.

Snoring is usually not dangerous. You can try to do something about yourself with tips below. If that doesn’t help the family doctor can advise further.
When snoring occurs, however, in combination with short breath downtime during sleep you might have sleep apnea. Then go to the family doctor for treatment.

Tips to help your self may try to prevent snoring

  1. Don’t sleep on your back.
  2. Lose weight if you are overweight. People who are overweight have more tissue in the throat cavity.
  3. Drink little or no alcohol. Alcohol weakens the muscles of both your tongue if your throat.
  4. Also some medications (among other hypnotics and anxiolytics) cause that sagging. Stop not just but consult with your family doctor.
  5. Non-less or not. Smoke thickens the mucous membranes in the throat.
  6. Avoid heavy meals before bedtime.
  7. Fatigue causes muscle relaxation of the muscles in the throat and of the tongue.
  8. Make sure the air in the bedroom not too dry. Dry air causes snoring.

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