What is the male and female anorgasmia?

What is the male and female anorgasmia?

What is the male and female anorgasmia?, causes and solutions
Many people wonder what is the male and female anorgasmia since it costs them to think that there are people who have difficulty to reach orgasm.

Differences between female and male sexual response

Sexual responses in women are somewhat less vulnerable to negative anxiety, drugs and disease factors. Dysfunctions Orgasmic in a woman that enjoys health and you get aroused sexually, generally considered of psychogenic origin.
It is difficult to assess the physical effects on the female orgasm. Arnold Kegel believes that the lack of use, weakness, low tone or fibrosis of the muscles of the vagina contribute to an inability to orgasm. Therefore, it is increasing the number of gynecologists and sexologists dealing problems with orgasm recommending the woman that exercises the muscles pubococcigeos.

Causes of male and female anorgasmia

The anorgasmia is mainly caused by psychological factors, and only 5% is due to organic or physical causes.
Organic factors: Physiology of orgasm is complex, contractions of genital muscles located between the vagina and anus should be submitted. Any disease or trauma (FGM in that area), as well as the abuse of drugs, alcohol or certain drugs such as antidepressants or some antihypertensive, can trigger an inhibition of orgasm.

Psychological factors: lack of orgasm may be related to many factors linked to the couple’s relationship as they are:

Experiences negative with the current partner or past experiencing shame, guilt, excessive stress, etc.
Monotonous sex.
Fear of losing control over their feelings and about his conduct.

Socio-cultural factors:

Negative education towards sex (such as dirty, sinful, etc.)
Misconceptions about sexuality (sexual myths) by a poor sexual education.
Finally, including other concerns (to be hurt by the penetration, to feel pain), Dr. Helen Kaplan highlights fear of success, which unfortunately happens in many cases. According to Freud it is these people who fail with success.
Most of these problems may have been originated in childhood, but others are more recent, or situational; not to mention the causes associated with maladjustment or disagreements in the couple’s relationship.

Kinds of anorgasmia

Primary Anorgasmia: suffer from it those who have never had an orgasm or through intercourse, or by masturbation, or by direct stimulation of her partner or any combination of the foregoing.
Secondary Anorgasmia: occurs when after having orgasms with normality, left feeling recursively.
Total Anorgasmia: inability to reach orgasm by any method or sexual practice.
Situational Anorgasmia: when only reaches the climax in specific circumstances.

Appropriate therapies

The anorgasmia is a good prognosis sexual dysfunction since it cures in a 95%. Psychological treatment, combined with sexual therapy, is the most recommended.
The first attempt to modify the problems caused by the conflicts of the person with regard to sexuality while the sexologist will guide the person in the correct sexual models, as well as a series of intimate exercises to overcome the anorgasmia.
The exercises called “Kegel exercises” (by its creator doctor Arnold Kegel) tone the vaginal muscles. They not only help overcome the anorgasmia they generally serve to improve Orgasms in women without any sexual problems. They are the ones that are recommended before giving birth, also called pelvic floor exercises.
So-called sexual therapies are the centerpiece of the treatment of the anorgasmia. The objective of sex therapy, explains Dr. Helen S. Kaplan in his book *, is to allow the couple to experience the natural development of their sexual responses, and you should try to teach the members of the sexual partner to create an environment of love and peace, and to enhance the sensory and mental stimulation that can increase and amplify the pleasant dimension of sex.
Following the therapeutic program, the couple will learn to focus on feelings of bodily pleasure and those that arise prior to orgasm.
The main aim of the therapy is that women can get pleasure enjoying your body, as well as your partner. As stated by Dr. Kaplan: “to operate well sexually needed the individual to abandon to erotic experience”.

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