what is vicious cycle of insomnia

Long-term poor sleep develops gradually and is usually caused by a complex of factors. Sometimes it seems ever to have been a clear response such as emotional problems or work around the loss of a loved one. Gradually, however, touches such a following in the background or lose the emotional problems their sharp edges and turns out the bad sleep to remain. You are then ended up in a vicious circle where there are all kinds of factors that maintain that bad sleep.

The bad sleep evokes feelings of frustration and sometimes fear on (‘ if I didn’t sleep then I can not function tomorrow ‘). This worrying and times leads to physical tension and wrong sleeping habits such as extra long stay in bed and sleep during the day are, for example, in the use of alcohol and sleeping pills. Keep the bad behaviors this wrong sleeping in stand and the circle is around.

The vicious cycle of insomnia. Poor sleep leads to stress, anxiety and worry. This in turn leads to physical exertion. This in turn leads to wrong sleeping habits/lifestyle, making you worse goes to sleep, and so on.

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