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Hobby or pastime, is suitable for detecting frolic in the beaches, clubs, parks and fields of interest of metals. It is excellent for the detection of those who lost in search of valuables to the man. The depth of this trace detectors in the soil vary according to the size of the buried metal (dimension), and the type of soil and used for the detection of metallic materials, and search coil. Many also use this entertainment on the walls of the historic places detectors. Most of the fun of any detection, discrimination and classification hobby of metal detecting object. Some might even say the size of the metal underground, as well as the depth of it. You are reading this depth mark in inches mode.

Suitable for reading from zero to 30 cm depth deep in most hobby detectors. This does not mean that only reveal up to 30 cm. You can go much farther. Depth depends on the size of the metal in the ground. In this case it is perceived or the depth of the detector which is limited to 30 cm. This category also hobby metal detectors and can eliminate some of the unwanted minerals, especially iron. And suitable for hunting coins, jewelry, antiquities and treasures. Depth test: can detect the reference currency from 0 to 40 cm depth. This does not mean that all currencies are detected for 40 cm depth. Because, in this case a variable depth depending on the size and the currency used to detect. Will be unveiled detecting hobby professional category is also deeper than a simple detector in the same category device. How expensive reagent depth of more than one group. Greater stability on the ground. The highest percentage of hit in the classification and discrimination of objects and other features. Detection white sign hobby category (hobby), the most widely used: COINMASTER, COINMASTER PRO, COINMASTER GT, MX5, SPECTRA V3I, MXT ALL PRO, SPECTRA VX3, M6, TREASUREMASTER, TREASUREPRO