Who are the black Realtors

Most of us are faced with issues of real estate, at least once in their lifetime. Real estate is always costly, and therefore the likelihood of risk to the scammer is never ruled out. The definition of “black REALTOR” is hard and menacing. In fact, it’s just not licensed Realtors who are engaged in the usual set of services in the field of real estate, and often does not guarantee that live up to their commitments. Among such Realtors, there are different, the degree of integrity.

The unscrupulous Realtors are pensioners living alone, alcoholics, drug addicts and dysfunctional families, and, at times, and just very trusting people.

Monitor and adjust the “black Realtors” no one can, because they are independently operated. Most often, they are former employees of agencies. The main reason for their desire to work independently is a 100% payment from the client. It does not bear any costs for taxes, nor on the contents of the Office space. Its expenses are limited to the costs of telephone and travel expenses.

Their success depends on personal eloquence and speed of movement. How can we avoid a scam? When buying and selling apartments, people are turning to the Agency, at least. They pay attention to the object itself. And, if you are satisfied with the look and immediately rush to buy an apartment. Little interest in questions about the place and procedure for carrying out the transaction. Any REALTOR is to some extent, a psychologist.

After all, his main task is to convince the customer to sell cheaper. Private realtor can make the contract and, therefore, operates underground. It is a simple and easy money, where do a lot of running around and make complex exchanges. It pays to customers anywhere, in cafes, in the car, in the apartment. People give money without receiving any formal documents. And then start serious problems, people may not recover their violated rights of property for a long time. Such processes may be delayed for an indefinite amount of time.

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