why is the equator the only parallel that is a great circle

How long is the Equator exactly?

The radius of the Earth at the Equator is 6378 km. the circumference of the Earth at the Equator than 40074 km. that’s so all an idealization, to the extent that we assume all that sea is.

Why is the Equator?

The Equator does not exist. It is an imaginary line on the Earth. because somewhere there is a point where the southern hemisphere into the northern hemisphere, Yes and we have given the name Equator.

equator is an imaginary line on the Earth’s surface in the form of a great circle midway between the poles. The Equator divides the Earth into a northern hemisphere and a southern hemisphere. The celestial equator divides the sky into a Northern and southern sky.

The Equator serves as reference (zero degrees NB/ZB) to indicate the geographical latitude of a position. The Poles are located on 90 ° n/ZB. The equator is 40.076, 592 km long.

The speed as a result of the rotation of the Earth at the equator is the largest and is approximately 1670 kilometres per hour. On the pole is this speed the lowest, namely equal to zero. . However, it blows harder on the Equator than elsewhere, because the Earth’s atmosphere keeps up with them just as hard.

On the equator, the Sun twice a year exactly right above the ground . This applies to the whole area between the two tropics. That is why it is on the Equator usually very hot and there are also no seasons, such as those in temperate areas such as Netherlands and Belgium be known. We know there is often a wet and a dry season. The UV index is an average of the largest on the equator.

Another peculiarity is that the day and night around the Equator almost the same length. The stars in the sky all describe a semicircle, just like the Sun. The North Star, which in more northern area virtually stands still because the Earth’s axis through it designates, is on and South of the Equator not to see.

The location of the equator was determined in the 18th century by a French expedition led by Charles Marie de La Condamine. With his expedition he wanted to prove that the Earth is flattened at the poles. The location being the equator, however, lies a few hundred meters in addition to the actual half of the Earth, an error returned by the Ecuadorian Government has been immortalized.

Initially, this is a scientific edge.
In the 18 ‘ century was there a discussion or around the world, with flattened Poland was according to oa. Newton, or it was a sphere with a bulge at the Poles (oa. Descartes).

Charles Marie de la Condamine is that will investigate and determine the Equator therefore had to ‘ ‘. Just a few hundred metres he was correct. (on that place now stands a large Memorial).

Actually, the equator, and longitude and latitude degrees especially useful for the ‘ cartography ‘ and there immediately connected the navigation at sea.
To navigate were formerly the position of stars or moon/planets worked.But that was not accurate and sometimes difficult.

The British Government suggested the question openly, with a great reward for the one that a solution found to the problem. John Harrison, a timepiece maker found the solution to the longitude. (Therefore, the 0 ° line in England (Greenwich)). Later one is also the latitude go handle, with very specific lines, including the equator.

It is a special line around the Earth. It is a circle whose center is located in the center of the Earth and all points of the circle are both equally far from Poland.

Each atmosphere shaped, rotating body has thus a Equator. So the Equator because the Earth is a sphere and also rotates.

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