Zeitgeist the Movie, all the worlds a stage

This article is the third in a series of articles on Zeitgeist, the movie playing on the video of Google at this time. I’ve embedded the full video in my article on my blog entitled law of attraction: Zeitgeist-opened his eyes. The first part of the film is moved lots of emotions in viewers, including me, and I was curious to see how this “spread myth” message was going to tie into the rest of the film.

Zeitgeist The Movie: All The World’s A Stage

Just as in the prologue of the film by Rhonda Byrne, the secret, where mentioned that “The secret” had been retained mass to control and manipulate, the same thing that was said in Zeitgeist history also. The message of self-actualization, self-reliance, independence, critical thinking, self-empowerment and self-realization seemed to be left out of Sunday school classes. It has taught us to not ask questions or think too much when it comes to the “grand scheme” of the things or matters of great God.

With this mental deficiency in place, the second part of the film shows how everyone is becoming a “show of puppets,” big where there are apparent teachers that are put in front of the masses to sing and dance to the rhythm of greed, fear, despair and helplessness. The co-conspirators meet and create the moves to be disseminated through various media of communication and long range. Papers were distributed among the people who are behind the titles of politicians and world leaders. They rehearse the script closed with closely supervised alternates. Plans are underway as the world, sheep or observers take a look at what the latest plan of action is without being aware of the signs of warning and signals.

In this part of the film, the writer enters deep to expose the script (myth) behind the “terrorist attack” against the twin towers on September 11, 2001. The script was hidden behind the veil of external terrorism from the East. The fact that there was a planned and deliberate attack was unclear, but by whom and with what purpose was never very clear, except that our President (puppet master) in the largest fair, was sharing with us through “the tube”. Our “leaders” presented the attack as if they didn’t know anything about it. On the other hand, the producer of this film not agreed and gave him the proof that our country, fighting the “war on Terror” was “in the system”.

The title of this part of the film suggests that we are living in a spectacle of unconscious phenomena, and the public having all people are innocent of the planet who have no idea what the largest designed conspiracy is mundane. This global conspiracy is the subject of what the third part of the film is titled: “I don’t mind the men behind the curtain”.

That is the title of the next article in this series. To see any of the references that have been used in this documentary, you can visit the site of the film directly, then click “References”. The site’s address is http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com.

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