Zeitgeist The Movie – the greatest story ever told

I saw flashes of bombs, destruction, disappearance, murder and all the things that remind today’s environment hostile war that prevails in the world. I was uncomfortable with the loud music that sounded like a cross between the acid jazz, funk and rock. The sound was quite nervous and somewhat disturbing at the beginning. The film began with these scenes and sounds that had me thinking “what the hell is this?”

Then switched images, and the focus became the religion, especially the judeo-Christian religions. He introduced Christianity and Judaism and its similarity to ancient Egyptian mythology and astrology. For many, I know that this probably created some sore areas in the minds of people and immediately went up defenses, pointing the finger and began thoughts and accusatory trials probably entered into the brains of several spectators. However, with me, I felt something different. I felt a deep connection with the material that was before me on the screen.

I had always felt like the stories of the Bible were myths that grow. They looked like stories and false. Even at an early age, I looked for a deeper meaning behind the stories and really you don’t have much of it by its nominal or absolute value. However, how I raised was not questioning things and just believe with the fear of hell is so deeply rooted that it didn’t want to disobey this externally. However, even the deepest meaning of everything I was attracted to this… the deepest source. I was attracted to Africa, more specifically, the ancient Egypt and all origin of Bible books, so see these things makes much sense for me and put a big smile on the face. Under what I know about the law of attraction, I was attracted to this film based on my feelings and deep personal beliefs that I had when I was a child.

What is even more surprising and pleasant was to see the correlation detailed astrology… to reveal that the same thing that teaches us to not believe or trust that is the basis of the Bible was written on. I was surprised. It was not coincidence that the astrological explanations fit perfectly. They had sense, in turn, to me, has already done that the Bible makes sense.

The change was later, revealed that the “messengers of the Gospel” began to change the Gospel to suit anyone who is its order of the day was for the day. Most of the time was control, Suppress and dominate anyone who went against the higher order perceived at that time. This control and the submission was imposed through the mask of religion, especially the Christian religion. I do not take this to suggest that nobody considers the Christian religion as true, but keep in mind their beliefs and why they believe them.

I was curious to see how this part of the film is to be connected with the rest. I left thinking, “would who or what is the anti-Christ?” is this filmmaker considered blasphemous? To be honest, I don’t really know or what that word means, but I have heard that you throw around much. It, he is considered the “anti-Christ” or is the concept of an “anti-Christ”, something that was written in the biblical story right before the middle ages, to facilitate one plan even more that none of us really knows of? This is what this film is alluding to? Or, could it be we the people? Is simply a representation of a top that we have forgotten and we have been so far away from Christ? I wanted to see more to know where everything is going. Then, the second part of the film: all the world is a stage.

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